Why you should get a New Home Construction Inspection?

To ensure the quality of your new home. A New Home Construction Inspection can find problems during the home building process that would be difficult to repair or correct after construction is complete.  This saves you time, money and aggravation.  Georgia State Inspections ensures the quality of your home construction through Phase Inspections during critical points of progress.

Education – The New Home Construction Inspection process is very educational. You will walk away from the home inspection with knowledge of your home that you would not have otherwise received. We go out of our way to provide as much information as possible about, not only the construction of your Metro Atlanta home, but tips on how to maintain it.

Municipal Inspections Do Not Cover All Components – The municipal inspector’s job is to insure that the building complies with city or county building codes and ordinances. County or City Compliance Inspections are usually focused on a single element of the home during each inspection and do not measure the quality of the craftsmen’s finish.

Peace of mind – Finding your Metro Atlanta home construction to be in good order will give you the peace of mind and confidence that you have purchased the home you deserve.


Metro Atlanta Re-Sale Home Buyers almost always have their homes inspected by a professional Home Inspector.

However, New Home Buyers often do not take this important step. Why do new Metro Atlanta New Home Buyers think they don’t need a New Home Construction Inspection?  Here are a few of the most common misconceptions:

  • The buyer is getting a brand new home and thinks an inspection is an unnecessary added cost.
  • The buyer feels that they are protected by the builder’s one-year warranty for workmanship, plus extended structural warranty.
  • In many cases, the home is inspected by city inspectors as a part of the permitting process.
  • Buyers believe that they can rely on the builder’s reputation or the builder is resistant to idea of third party inspections.
  • The buyer plans to “keep an eye” on the construction.

What does a New Home Construction Inspection provide?

Georgia State Inspections’ New Home Construction Inspection provides a thorough inspection of the home and its components.  We ensure your new home construction is completed in a workmanlike manner with the correct material.

For each Metro Atlanta New Home Construction Inspection, we test every outlet, switch and fixture and we verify the workability of appliances. We crawl through the finished attic to identify leaks, missing or thin insulation, or unfinished electrical connections.  We look for inferior exterior and structural construction, and poorly finished or forgotten trim work.  We discover leaking pipes, rooms that have no heating vents and incorrect wiring in the breaker panel.  From roof to basement, every element is tested and assessed, and Georgia State Inspections provides you with a full color detailed Home Inspection report of the true condition of your Metro Atlanta property.

When is the best time to contact an inspector?

Atlanta Homes are being built faster than ever, from site to finished home in as little as six weeks.  Ideally, you will want to start communication with your new home construction inspector as soon as you sign a contract with your builder.

Georgia Homes must be constructed according to local, state, and federal codes, all of which mandate the minimum standards for habitability. Meeting the minimum standards, however, does not ensure quality, because the ‘code’ does not address ‘finish’. The quality of the work will depend on the job foreman and the crews that work on the project.  It is important to let your builder know up front that you intend to have the work inspected by an independent third party construction expert. This may help to set a tone with the builder and let him know that you expect things to be done properly.

New Construction Phase Inspections

It is very important for new home buyers to have the work inspected at critical phases.

Georgia State Inspections New Home Construction Inspection Atlanta

PHASE 1 – Foundation Inspection – This Inspection is performed prior to back filling soil after the concrete forms have been removed and before the slab is poured. This will allow the inspector to see the sewer and drain lines. Areas of Inspection covered include: Footings, Foundation walls, Surface preparation, Vapor barrier, and Concrete reinforcing bar (rebar).

PHASE 2 – Framing Inspection (Pre-Drywall) – This Inspection occurs prior to the builder installing the insulation and drywall. In this inspection, we look at the plumbing, electrical wiring, duct installations, and also the roof structure and surface. We look at the structural frame, inspecting for problems such as: Unbolted sill plates, Over spanned members, Inadequate roof supports, Under built bearing walls, Improper notching and boring, Severed plates, Damaged joists and Improper fire stops.

PHASE 3 – Final Inspection before your ‘walk thru’ with your builder. – This Inspection includes all the aspects of our standard Home Inspection which is extensive and very detailed along with detailed punch lists for the builder.  Our Final Inspection also includes Inspection of Drywall Finish, Trim, Paintwork, Floor coverings, Grounds and Grading.

The final New Home Construction Inspection report serves as your “Punch list” for the builder to correct problem areas prior to your closing.

At Georgia State Inspections, we are here to protect your best interest.  As your consumer advocate, we will do everything we can to make certain that your new home is a quality built home.

By Jake Accardi of Georgia State Inspections